Telia Company among top 20 in first ever global Digital Inclusion Benchmark

To encourage greater action towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the World Benchmarking Alliance has benchmarked 100 digital technology companies globally on their actions to strengthen digital inclusion. Telia Company is ranked 19 out of 100, with strong performance in areas such as cybersecurity and support for children’s safety online.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of reliable access and digital skills. Going forward, digital inclusion will be key to capture the full potential of digitalization and make sure that no one is left behind,” says Sara Nordbrand, Group Head of Sustainability at Telia Company.

The benchmark assesses technology companies’ efforts in improving access to technology, enhancing digital skills, fostering trustworthy use, and innovating openly and ethically. Telia Company comes out strong in areas such as cybersecurity and support for children’s safety online. The report also highlights that Telia Company is one of few companies to have adopted guidelines for ethics in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

When it comes to improving digital skills, Telia Company’s program “More Digital” is mentioned. Through “More Digital”, almost 10,000 seniors in Sweden and Norway have been taught digital skills by teenagers since the start, in close collaboration with municipalities. Telia Company’s arrangement and collaboration in various initiatives, focusing on encouraging and mentoring girls and women to take up tech careers in an industry that is still heavily dominated by men, are also highlighted.

“We are happy to see that digital inclusion is making its way into the benchmarking world. It is an area where we are looking to strengthen our approach the coming years and this benchmark provides useful guidance. Studies show that digital technology can accelerate progress towards meeting all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. To make that happen, we need to fully integrate human rights and inclusion aspects in important business processes the years to come,” says Sara Nordbrand.

About the Digital Inclusion Benchmark
The Digital Inclusion Benchmark tracks how companies are helping to advance a more inclusive digital economy and society. Company commitments, disclosure and performance is evaluated through 16 indicators under four measurement areas: improving access, enhancing skills, building trust to foster beneficial use, and innovating openly, sustainably and ethically. All companies are assessed using information that is already public or can be made public. It was developed by World Benchmarking Alliance through a global multi-stakeholder process with inputs from companies, industry associations, governments, academics and civil society. During its debut year, it assesses 100 of the world’s most influential digital technology companies, such as online platforms, network providers, and device manufacturers.