Telia Company awarded most LGBTQI-friendly employer designation

Telia has been awarded as the most LGBTQI-friendly workplace 2020 by Unionen, the largest trade union in Sweden. Telia is commended for its unwavering stance for LGBTQI rights, even in countries where those rights are under threat.

Unionen’s LGBTQI award is given every year to an employer that in an exemplary manner strives for an inclusive workplace, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

This year's winner Telia is praised for taking positive action for LGBTQI persons’ rights and for the initiative to arrange a virtual Pride event when physical events around the world were canceled due to the pandemic. Employees in all countries and people outside the company were encouraged to participate in the online event, celebrate and learn more about LGBTQI-inclusive workplaces. Telia’s virtual Pride was broadcast globally - publicly taking a clear stand in support of LGBTQI rights is an important message to send, especially in countries where LGBTQI persons’ human rights are questioned and sometimes even threatened. In addition, local activities supporting LGBTQI rights in the society were carried out by Telia in many countries.

”Unionen wants to highlight good examples and spread awareness so that more people get access to inclusive workplaces where everyone can be themselves. Standing up for LGBTQI persons’ rights is more important now than ever before and when large companies take a stand on this issue it makes a difference, both for employees and in the society. It is very gratifying to hand out this year's award to Telia,” says Marina Åman, Unionen’s second vice president.

”We are delighted and proud to receive Unionen’s LGBTQI award. It is especially honoring since it is our co-workers that have nominated us for the award, and it is a testament to people at Telia being able to bring their true selves at work and feeling empowered,” says Clara Bodin, Telia Company’s Diversity and Inclusion lead. “It is proof that our dedication to drive diversity and inclusion is successful. We have prided ourselves as a company leading technology and innovation. Now, we are proud to push equality, diversity and inclusion to the forefront.

"This award goes to colleagues who have been instrumental in progressing LGBTQI inclusion in Telia and have made a significant impact."

Photo: Peter Knutson

The jury’s motivation for the LGBTQI award 2020
Telia is awarded Unionen’s LGBTQI Award 2020 for its unwavering commitment to an inclusive workplace where all employees can be themselves. At a time when LGBTQI persons’ rights are under threat in certain parts of Europe, Telia is standing up for their co-workers right to decide over their own bodies, their identity and the right to love whomever they choose, in societies where threats and disrespect still exists.