Telia launches first public 5G network in Estonia

Telia Company expands its 5G networks to the Baltics becomes the first operator to launch a commercial 5G network in Estonia. The new network is available in three of the country’s largest cities; Tallinn, Tartu, and Pärnu and will be expanded to 20 locations by the end of the year. Telia is also launching a 5G network in Lithuania.

“Estonia is already a leader in digitalization. Our new public 5G network will strengthen that position and broaden the country’s digital highways, opening the door to entirely new services like remote care, cloud gaming, autonomous transports, remote operated drones, remote machine control, augmented enhanced reality and more. The benefits of 5G will help us build a more sustainable society and increase our competitiveness on the global arena,” says Robert Pajos, CEO of Telia Estonia.

Telia plans to expand its 5G network in Estonia to 20 locations by the end of year. The company will continue to develop the network and improve data speeds, pending a coming 3,5 MHz spectrum auction in the beginning of 2021. A technology called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) allows Telia to leverage the frequency bands already in use to launch the 5G network ahead of the spectrum auction. The new network is launched in cooperation with Ericsson.

5G network in Lithuania
Telia is also launching a temporary 5G network in the city centres of Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda in Lithuania. The network will cover parts of the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in early December. The frequencies are provided by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Lithuania and are used for non-commercial 5G communication service. Telia’s goal is to launch a public 5G network as soon as the spectrum auction is held.

To access the new 5G networks in Estonia and Lithuania, customers must to be in an area where there is 5G coverage. They also need a 5G-ready smartphone and a mobile subscription from Telia.