Telia Crowd Insights named Digital Project of the Year

Crowd Insights was awarded the Digital Project of the Year at the CIO Awards for creating societal benefits and making a difference in the fight against viruses.

Telia Crowd Insights analyzes anonymized and aggregated mobile network data through which movement patterns emerge. In 2020 these insights played an important role during the pandemic for cities and municipalities but also for Public Health Agencies across the Nordics. With the anonymized data, the authorities have, among other things, gained a better understanding of how well the Covid-19 recommendations have been followed.

This week, the solution was awarded as “Digital Project of the Year 2020” at the annual CIO Awards in Sweden by an independent jury consisting of previous winners, researchers and experts.

“I am proud of the opportunity to support the Swedish Public Health Agency in the fight against the coronavirus. Data is a very precise and secure basis for decision-making that allows you to see patterns that would otherwise have been difficult to detect. These are insights that become important when mapping and taking measures against the spread of infection, “says Kristofer Ågren, Head of Data Insights at Telia.

The jury’s motivation was: "The winner of the Digital Project of the Year shows that data lives up to the hype as 'the new gold'. We see how the availability of large amounts of information can be used to create societal benefits and make a difference in the fight against viruses. New patterns that have otherwise been difficult to discover are emerging and have the potential to create many exciting business opportunities.”

Crowd Insights
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