Telia getting together to make the online world safer for children

As part of Safer Internet Day 2020, Telia is opening its offices across all markets to children and adults to a day of gaming and to learn how to game safely. To highlight the importance of children’s rights and online safety, we are also launching a new elearning course.

Telia’s volunteering program YOUNITE is celebrating Safer Internet Day on February 11 by inviting youngsters and their parents, grandparents, god parents or other carers to a day focusing on understanding the world of online gaming. Security experts, professional gamers and representatives from Save the Children teach kids how to fight trolls and viruses and how to stay safe when gaming.

In conjunction, Telia is launching a groupwide elearning for its employees to grow awareness and understanding about children’s rights, the risks children face online and the commitment the company has made to protect and empower children.