A contemporary Telia TV experience thanks to the new generation Media Box

Nordic TV customers want TV devices with great design, the latest technology and fast streaming with no delays. And, they want less cables and TV remote controls in the living room. Telia Company is able to meet those needs with the new generation Media Box.

In September, Telia Company launched its new Media Box and remote control to customers in Sweden. Finnish customers will get their new devices in the near future. Development of these units is based on customer insight and by partnering with the best. It is not only about new hardware, we have a solution that will open up for new exiting partners that can offer content services in an easier way.

“Our TV business is twofold. It’s about how you can experience TV and streamed content. And, it’s about delivering the right content. With this new Media Box we will ensure that our TV customers have a contemporary user experience. Great partnership collaboration has been a key component in the development of this new Media Box,” says Johanna Berlinde, Head of Global TV & Media at Telia Company.

The new generation Media Box

The new generation Media Box is five times faster than the current one and built on the latest technology for IPTV and streaming devices to ensure no delays as well as contemporary design. It can easily be updated with content from new partners to give the customer an aggregated experience with one interface for selecting what to view. At launch, YouTube and Telia TV and streaming services is at the customer’s hand. More will come to ensure that our customers can continue to experience the strongest content offering. In the future, customers will be able to upgrade their box without changing the box itself. The device is produced by the company Arris.

User insight developed remote control

The remote control has been developed together with the world leading remote control manufacturer Ruwido who also produces devices for companies such as B&O and Samsung’s Premium devices. Its great design is based on user insights and the device features the news Bluetooth Low Energy (BLTE), allowing the remote-control to be used without pointing at the box.