Telia Company highlights digital possibilities in Almedalen

Sunday 2 July marks the start of Sweden's annual political gathering in Visby called Almedalen Week. Telia is present and will arrange seminars and meetings to highlight the possibilities a connected society brings.

At the yearly Almedalen event, leaders from Sweden’s political parties, business and civil society meet up in Visby on the island of Gotland for a week of speeches, meetings and seminars. No subject is too nerdy and everyone is welcome – the openness and accessibility is unique.

On the agenda
The number of seminars during the Almedalen week grows from year to year. This year, some 3,900 seminars will be held over the course of the week.
Telia will arrange seminars focusing on the building of a smart society and how to arrange public services in a more efficient way using Internet of Things. Smart public transport, energy and water efficiency and new e-health solutions are some of the themes on Telia’s seminar agenda.

Telia will also highlight issues important to the industry, such as the need of timely and predictable spectrum allocation and the eventual building of a separate state owned network for the blue light networks, which Telia considers to be an expensive and unreliable way to arrange communication services for the police and other emergency authorities.

The seminars will be broadcasted live or on demand on Telia’s website, see link below.

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