Telia appoints new Group Executive Management team

Telia's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jan-Åke Kark appointed a new Group Executive Management team for Telia today. Reinhold Geijer has also been appointed Telia's Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Geijer was most recently President and CEO of FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank) and will start his new position at Telia on March 6. Emanuela Pedrocco is another new member of the team.
In connection with the establishment of the new Group Executive Management Team, Telia has reduced the number of business areas in the Group from eight to five. The five business areas are now Mobile Communications, IP Carrier and Network Services, Business Solutions, Home Solutions and Enterprises. The main purpose of the new business area organization is to strengthen Telia's customer orientation by creating better prerequisites for developing customer services. The new business area structure also profiles Telia's organization more clearly in the marketplace.
Telia's new Group Executive Management has the following members:
* Jan-Åke Kark, President of Telia AB and CEO of the Telia Group.
* Marianne Nivert, First Senior Executive Vice President. Marianne Nivert is also Executive Vice President of the IP Carrier and Network Services business area, and within Group Executive Management, responsible for the Enterprises business area.
* Reinhold Geijer, Senior Executive Vice President of Telia AB and CFO of the Telia Group. Within Group Executive Management, Reinhold Geijer is also responsible for the Business Solutions business area. (New appointment)
* Kenneth Karlberg, Senior Executive Vice President of Telia AB and responsible for the Mobile Communications business area.
* Lars Härenstam, Executive Vice President, Human Resources, and Group Business Development Manager.
* Emanuela Pedrocco, responsible for corporate projects within Group Executive Management. (New appointment)
* Jan Rudberg, Executive Vice President of the Home Solutions Business Area.
"We are pleased that Reinhold Geijer has joined Telia's Group Executive Management team," commented Telia CEO Jan-Åke Kark. "His broad experience in corporate leadership and capital market issues will be valuable since Telia will be facing some major challenges in the near future. We are also convinced that we can benefit considerably from his knowledge of restructuring a large company that was listed on the stock exchange."
"I'm looking forward to working for one of the largest enterprises in the Nordic region," says Reinhold Geijer. "Telia is currently in a phase of rapid expansion in a future market characterized by strong growth through global networks and various forms of cooperation, which makes my new position both an exciting and big challenge."
Emanuela Pedrocco, 30, will be a full-fledged member of the Group Executive Management team for a period of 18 months. She will contribute her professional knowledge and her generation's experience, values and views about new business logic.
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