The Telia Group is spreading the ownership at Enterprises

Business Area Enterprises contains 27 separate operations and five of them will be incorporated within the Telia Group. Telia Research AB, Telia Business Innovation AB, Telia Handel AB, Telia Försäkring AB and Telia Fastigheter AB have 630 employees totally.
For the remaining 22 operations Telia will seek broadened ownership or be sold. The operations in question do not form part of Telia's priority operations. The sales improve liquidity, which can be used for investments within core businesses. There is also a positive effect on the balance sheet and key ratios.
In Good Company AB, Telia Kompetens Svefo AB, Starman Kabeltelevisioone AS and Eniro AB have already been sold or have spread their ownership
The companies where the intention is to spread the ownership are:
Com Hem AB, Swedia Networks AB and subsidiaries, The DRS companies, Telia Academy AB, Smålandsbörsen Data AB, Telia Trading AB, Combinator AB, Neterna AB, Telia Installation AB, Telia Företagsservice AB, Telia Systems AB, Multicom Security AB, Telia Dokumentation , Unite AB, Telia Infomedia Respons AB, Telia Infomedia Partner AB (ICS only), Telia Prosoft AB Validation AB,Telia Swedtel AB and subsidiaries Sergel Kredittjänster AB, Telia Payment Solutions AB, Telia Finans AB.
Anders Bruse, Head of Business Area Enterprises,
phone +46 8 707 52 45
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