First in the world with IP-based GSM to the customer

Telia Mobile will be first in the world to introduce IP-based GSM, a system that connects the company's data network and GSM with the help of IP. ABB in Vasteras is the first to pilot test the new technique. The tests are taking place over the summer. In the autumn the number of test users will increase and the initiative will subsequently be introduced on a larger scale. The pilot tests are a breakthrough and a huge success for Telia Bright.
"This is a milestone for us. Once the tests are completed in the early autumn, we will commence sales operations in earnest," says Pelle Lindvall, head of Telia Bright.
IP-based GSM brings together data, Internet, mobile and IP telephony in the same network, the company's local network (LAN). Previously, companies needed to build up different networks for telephony and data. Wireless solutions, which integrate fixed and mobile telephony, are a recent development and pave the way for new services. People can be mobile and yet available in a completely different way than before.
"We see this as a possibility to reduce our costs, become more effective and use mobile telephones in an integrated way in our systems. Our employees often work outside the office and have a great need for wireless solutions. IP-based GSM makes us more available and creates a more flexible working environment," says Patrik Strandéus, vice VD, Sigma Exallon Systems in Malmö, Sweden.
The vision is that the whole company's communications will be integrated in one IP-based system. Development within telephony points clearly in this direction.
- IP-based GSM is a new infrastructure, which links together all communication via computer, the Internet, mobile and IP telephony in one mobile system
- Base stations for GSM are connected to the company's LAN, which provide GSM coverage for local traffic. The fixed telephony is transferred from the company switch to the data network and external communication goes via the Internet, IP telephony.
- The user has only one personal telephone number, which enables calling from a mobile phone, PC, multimedia terminal or fixed IP telephone, depending on the need and his or her whereabouts.
- At the office calls are made via a mobile phone for a fixed fee. Outside the building the phone works like a normal GSM telephone.
- The staff have WAP-phones and can thereby access the company's databases anywhere GSM coverage is available. The information is protected by firewalls to prevent unauthorized access.
- Telia's IP-based GSM service is based on Ericsson's GSM on the Net.
Pelle Lindvall, Telia Bright, +46 70 515 15 05
Louise Gauffin, Telia Bright, +46 70 669 60 30
Patrik Strandéus, Sigma Exallon Systems +46 70 3791060
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