Telia and KSA become first to provide web-based interactive Internet videochat

In March, Telia and KSA of Sweden will be deploying the world's first solution for multimedia communications over the Internet. The technology will be made available through a pilot project and enable live, interactive Internet videochat. It will be initially offered to 1,000 customers subscribing to Telia's new high-speed broadband service.
"This is a new and exciting user-friendly solution for communicating via audio, video and chatting over the Internet," commented Karin Moberg, President of Telia's broadband company. "The project is part of Telia's efforts to provide meaningful content to the new broadband services of today." There is a huge demand for e-service solutions today, since companies want to utilize the Internet for managing customer relations. The software products, CU-SeeMe Web and MeetingPoint, combined with the new broadband technology offering increased network capacity, create a client-server solution that will allow users in the pilot project to participate in real-time, multipoint video, audio and data conferences over the Internet and intranets. "Telia's pilot project with KSA's solution is a clear example of the new opportunities that broadband technology will open up for managing relations between enterprises and customers," said Tommy Hallberg, Managing Director of KSA, Swedish distributor of multimedia conferencing applications for the Internet and intranets. "The ability to embed interactive video, audio and chatting into a web page gives Telia's customers a whole new way to communicate - and most importantly, it is as simple for them as using a web browser." - - - - - - - KSA is a member of the Memory Group with 170 employees. KSA represents leading software manufacturers in the Swedish market. Using the Internet and intranets as its platform, KSA increases the competitiveness of its customers by providing high-tech software and services. Telia is the leading supplier of telecom-based information services in the Nordic/Baltic region and also offers "seamless" pan-European and global services through powerful alliances and partnerships in Europe and around the world. In 1999, Telia had annual sales totaling SEK 52,121 million and approximately 30,600 employees.

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