Telia and Microsoft launch: Telia Games on Demand

Telia, in association with Microsoft, has made it possible for private persons in Sweden to gain access to computer games and other software in a simple and easy way. As of March 21*, subscribers to Telia's broadband services can conveniently purchase or rent programs from a broad range of software stored on a server in the network.
With Telia Games on Demand, Telia is providing the first broadband service content to Swedish households. The service can be compared to a "jukebox" storing a large number of PC games. Playing from the network is just like playing from a CD-ROM drive. For the service customers pay on an hourly basis, at the start of each hour.
"Microsoft, with its broad software program, is a natural partner for Telia. In partnership with different companies, we intend to provide Swedish households with a variety of services requiring the speed and capacity of broadband. Telia wants to help drive the development of home infrastructure and we believe that the potential of broadband for the individual is highly interesting."
"It's natural for Microsoft to start offering software over the network in Sweden, which is one of the world's most mature IT markets," commented Jeff Raikes, Microsoft Corporation's Senior Group Vice President, Sales and Marketing, at the product launch in Stockholm. "By collaborating with Telia for the Games on Demand service, Microsoft is taking another step towards realizing its vision to make programs and services available to users, anytime and anywhere."
For the Telia Games on Demand service, Telia is providing a platform to deliver games, reference works and other applications to households via its broadband network. Microsoft is contributing programs designed for the home productivity market. The service offers a wide variety of programs ranging from games and reference resources to photo editing software.
Telia is the leading provider of qualified broadband services to Swedish households. The company has a nationwide network delivering service to 24 locations in the country today. Framework agreements are expected to be signed with one million households before year-end 2000.
*Telia Games on Demand will be initially offered to customers in Stockholm who pay a flat monthly rate for access to Telia's broadband network. During the year Telia plans to offer the service in a number of other locations in Sweden, depending on customer demand.
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