Telia launches new products in an open access network

Today Telia is launching a number of products that will give operators and service providers access to Telia's local loop network. Thus all operators can have direct connections to the end user, enhancing their ability to offer new services, e.g. broadband services via ADSL.
"It is time for all operators to have access to the local network on equal terms. For this reason, our prices are entirely cost based," says Rune Nilsson, strategy manager at Telia Carrier & Networks. "The basic product that being launched today, Copper Access, enables all operators to lease direct connections to their end users." Co-location in exchange buildings Customers' circuits today are connected to Telia's exchanges, where they must be rewired and connected with the new operator's network. Thus Copper Access requires co-location, and this too is being launched as a product. Co-location means that the operator leases space, power and cooling for the technical equipment that he installs at the exchange. In cases where space in the exchange building is restricted, the operator may use a near-by site. However, the operator must always pay for the co-location of the connection cable to his own equipment. In conjunction with the launch of Copper Access, Telia will also be launching a service to enable operators to test their equipment at the exchange before deciding whether to proceed. Guaranteed quality Copper Access is sold in a number of forms ranging from simple telephony loops to access pairs enabling the operator to provide broadband services to the end user (ADSL). The reason for the variety of access circuits is that different services transmit on different frequencies and can therefore interfere with each other. To guarantee quality in every part of the access network, Telia much therefore retain some control over the way circuits are used. However, what services are provided and what technologies the operator uses to implement them is naturally a commercial secret. The Co-location product therefore also provides the operator with the assurance of restricted access to equipment installed in Telia's buildings. The price of the simplest Copper Access is just under SEK 1500 per year plus VAT. This is somewhat more than Telia's customers pay for a circuit. "The lower line cost to our end users is due to the existing price ceiling on telephone services. At present other parts of the telephone service have to bear the difference between the ceiling price and the true cost," says Rune Nilsson. Pre-packaged ADSL service As well as plain access services Telia is also launching a pre-packaged ADSL product including a local loop, ADSL modems and connection with Telia's high-quality ATM network. Operators and service providers can thus offer broadband services to primarily small and medium-sized companies, with a guaranteed average bandwidth of up to 4 Mb/s, without investing in the technology themselves. - - - - Facts ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology which makes it possible to increase the capacity of existing copper loops. It is asymmetric, meaning that the transmission capacity is about twice as high from the network to the user as it is from the user to the network. The capacity also depends on the distance from the end user to the exchange. ADSL requires special modems both at the end user and the exchange, where the user can be connected to Telia's Internet network or to the high-quality ATM network. ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a technology for the high-quality transmission of data, pictures, multimedia and other broadband applications over switched networks. Telia today has a nation-wide ATM network with a capacity of 622 Mb/s and can offer customers connections with a guaranteed average bandwidth of up to 155 Mb/s. Telia Carrier & Networks (formerly Telia Affärsområde Nät) is a business area within the Telia Group. Telia Carrier & Networks is a wholesaler in fixed-network products and services. It produces, sells and leases infrastructure, capacity, access and traffic services on the open market. Telia Carrier & Networks is the European market leader in Transatlantic IP traffic and has its own offices in Sweden, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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