Telia Mobile launches satellite telephony with ISDN-capacity

For the first time ever it will be possible to communicate at ISDN speeds from extremely remote places, all over the world. Telia Mobile is launching Global Area Network (GAN), the latest generation of mobile satellite telephony services. Users of the new satellite telephony service will be able to send very high quality moving pictures, fax, data and sound through a terminal similar to a portable computer. GAN increases bandwidth to the equivalent of ISDN speed (64 kbit/s).
Satellite telephony offers communication on remote places and works as a back-up when others means of telephony isn´t working satisfactory. News reporters on location at trouble spots anywhere in the world will be able to use the new satellite telephony service to send their reports straight home. The researcher working in the rain forest can have a videoconference with a colleague. An expedition en route to the summit of Kilamanjaro can send moving pictures to their sponsors' websites. The aid worker in remote East African villages can send and receive important e-mail messages to co-ordinate aid efforts.
GAN is the world's first global communications system with wireless transfer speeds of up to 64 kb/s. The service uses Inmarsat's satellite system, which covers 98 percent of the earth's surface. Telia Mobile is one of the first operators in the world to offer its customers the GAN satellite service.
"Telia Mobile's ambition is to be at the cutting edge of wireless communication. We want to offer our customers the best wireless service for every occasion, including those who need to communicate from remote and inaccessible places in the world,", says Östen Mäkitalo, Senior Vice President, Telia Mobile, on the launch of GAN in Stockholm. "GAN represents a whole new opportunity for global wireless communication, far ahead of today's satellite systems, which can only handle speech.
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