The Telia Group shows its operator-independent monitoring system for IP telephony

Telia, a Swedish network operator, announces that it has developed - in collaboration with Nokia, Cirilium and the Clarent Corporation - the information and functions required to monitor and support IP telephony. The support system for handling IP telephony equipment from different suppliers will be demonstrated at the "Voice on the Net" (VON) exhibition in San José, California. In connection with the exhibition, Telia anticipates a renewedinterest of other network operators and suppliers, thereby speeding up development and standardization in this area.
(Telia on SPRING 2000 Voice On the Net(VON) 27-30 March 2000, San José Stand 327) A dedicated team, representing members of Telia and three suppliers of IP telephony equipment have been working together to define the parameters of information and functions required to handle IP telephony in the same way as ordinary telephony. "Being able to manage IP telephony the same way we manage ordinary telephony will be decisive to Telia's future. First and foremost, we must consider multi-vendor management issues to ensure that equipment from different suppliers works together in the same way," says Telia's Mikael Åhman, manager of the collaboration project. "If we're going to sell IP telephony in any large volumes, we'll have to be able to manage it in a rational way. Customer demands are for high quality and reliability. We want to be able to maintain the same high quality that PSTN currently has." Together, Telia, Cirilium, Clarent Corporation and Nokia have worked together to identify some of the existing gaps within IP telephony, and now they're trying to bridge them. "We systematically mapped out everything that was done earlier by standardization organizations such as ITU and IETF. After that, we defined the information and functionality that we believe is most important if we're going to introduce IP telephony on a wide scale and using equipment from several different suppliers. The solution we'll be showing at the VON exhibition is based on the specifications and requirements that we arrived at during the year we worked on the problem," says Mikael Åhman. It will be possible for those who are interested to find out about the results of the VON exhibition in San José. Hans Eriksson, CTO for VoIP at Telia, and Sweden's main spokesman for IP telephony, will discuss - along with Mikael Åhman and the three IPT suppliers - the group's work at the exhibition. Telia is the leading supplier of telecom-based information services in the Nordic/Baltic region. At the same time, "seamless" pan-European and global services are being realized through powerful alliances and partnerships in Europe and around the world. Annual turnover 1999 reached 52,121 MSEK and the number of employees amounted to approx. 30 600. Telia launched its Global Clearinghouse Service on the 1st of February 1999 making it the first Clearinghouse with Europe as its base. The Clearinghouse has access to attractive rates through Telia's presence in key markets and has already signed on about twenty members.

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