Spray will use Telia for Internetaccess

Telia and Spray have signed an agreement covering dial-up Internet access valued at approximately SEK 100 million per year.
Spray will use Telia's Internet service to connect access subscribers to Internet. The connection is made through an access number at Spray to Telia's modem pools. The service can be used by all customers with ordinary subscriptions for a fixed telephone line, including ISDN subscriptions. ISDN customers can choose between one or two channel access. "We chose Telia for the simple reason that Telia's Internet service has the highest quality and the best capacity on the Internet today. Now our customers will gain access to one of the fastest Internet services in Europe," says Anders Ericsson, Executive Vice President, Access. In Telia's national network there are 50 hubs for receiving calls from the fixed telephone network that are routed to the Internet. Capacity over the Atlantic today is 5 x 155 Mbit/sec. Telia is currently focusing on reaching agreements with other operators about exchanging traffic, which will help increase speeds, since calls will not have to be routed via nodes shared by several other operators. The agreement includes a letter of intent covering future collaboration between Telia Internet Partner AB and Spray Network in the area of new Internet applications. "We're extremely pleased about our new cooperation with Spray, which will benefit both Spray's customers and our own. Spray has a very advanced position when it comes to developing user-friendly services and we have a lot to learn from each other," commented Anders Tillander, President of Telia Internet Partner AB . Telia Internet Partner AB develops access connections, networks and services on the Internet for the enterprise market. The company started operating on April 1, 2000 and currently has 120 employees.

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