Telia launches new corporate identity

Telia is launching a new visual identity in order to reflect its new business strategy. The new identity is part of Telia's repositioning campaign, aimed at positioning the company as the leading Internet and communications company in Scandinavia.
Today, one of Sweden's best-known identities is changing shape. This change paves the way for the new Telia - a company with a new business strategy in the new economy. "Telia is one of the leading corporate brands in the Scandinavian countries. The launch of a new visual identity demonstrates our shift from a traditional telecommunications operator to a dynamic and leading player in the new economy", says Jan-Åke Kark, CEO, Telia AB. Telia's corporate brand plays a central role in clarifying Telia's new strategic direction. This includes the company's business aims, as well as Telia's vision of providing technologically optimal communications between people. The new visual identity is compromised of both a symbol and a logotype, and represents integrated communications for all situations. The red colour symbolises warmth and closeness, while the pulsating dotted lines imply motion, as well as channels for information and communication. The symbol also inspires a sense of dynamism.

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