Telia and Eutelsat launch a digital platform for TV- and Multimedia services

Telia has partnered with the satelllite organisation EUTELSAT in order to launch a digital solution for television and multimedia services. The service, which mainly addresses major corporations and broadcasting companies, may be used for delivering digital television, data broadcasting, business television, streaming services and for establishing broadband communication in corporate networks.
Telia partners with EUTELSAT to launch a new digital platform for television and multimedia services using capacity on EUTELSAT's W3 satellite at 7 degrees East, a major position in Europe for reception of television, radio and multimedia services.
The new platform will deliver digital television to satellite and cable homes, and will also be able to distribute streaming services, business television and other broadband services with digital multimedia content. European broadcasting companies and major corporations with a wide geographical distribution will be able to use the digital platform in Stockholm for TV and data broadcasting services.
The platform operates using the DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) standard that allows multimedia content (TV, data etc.) to be received by small antennas used for digital satellite TV. The coverage provided by EUTELSAT's W3 satellite enables services on the platform to be received from Iceland and the Azores in the West, to the Middle East and Russia in the East.
With this new platform in operation in Sweden, EUTELSAT is continuing to extend throughout Europe its network of digital gateways with full multiplexer facilities and DVB uplinks to the EUTELSAT satellites. The W3 satellite already hosts a number of digital multiplexes including a platform of television channels bundled for delivery to cable headends. It also extends Telia's range of services with cost-effective and high-performance digital solutions for international broadcasters and corporate users.
Karl-Erik Eriksson, Telia Carrier & Networks, tel +46 8 713 83 80
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