Telia and Global Crossing swap fiber for 100 Millon USD

Telia and Global Crossing has announced they will swap fiber optic network infrastructure at a market value of close to 100 Million dollars.
The agreement with Global Crossing means that Telia will have access to pipes between Hamburg, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and between Amsterdam and Padborg near the Danish-German border. The deal does also include a fiber optic connection between Amsterdam and London.
The agreement is an opportunity for Global Crossing to reach the Scandinavian market through the Viking Network. Global Crossing gets access to a fiber-optic network which will connect the three Scandinavien capitals, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo by a 1,860 kilometers fiber in a ring structure.
- For some time now Telia has been making major investments in the pan-European Viking network, and our goal is to become one of the three largest network providers in Europe," said Lars Rydin President Telia International Carrier. Our agreement with Global Crossing fill some important redundancy gaps in the west part of the Viking Network.
- During the past year, we have completed a number of major acquisitions. Today, we can offer seamless end-to-end connectivity between Europe, US and Asia through our state-of-the-art IP-based network," said Wim Huisman, CEO of Global Crossing Europe. Our agreement with Telia means that our customers in the Nordic countries will have optimum access to bandwidth, voice and Internet services.
About The Viking Network
This wholly-owned fiber optic network offers end-to-end connectivity around the world, from California to Russia. Based on leading-edge technology, the Viking Network provides a high capacity network for conventional telephony, Internet, data transmission and the latest Internet features and applications. The network is designed to expand Telia International Carrier to cover Scandinavia, Europe and the U.S. by 2001. The infrastructure is designed as a multi-duct network connecting all significant European cities in regards to IP and telecommunications. At the end of 1999 the Viking network covered 4000 kms and connected 10 cities. By the end of 2000 the network will cover 30000 kms throughout Europe and the U.S. connecting 40 major cities.
About Telia International Carrier
Telia is the leading Scandinavian communication company. Telia International Carrier provides services to the growing international wholesale segment on the Viking Network. This wholly owned multi-fiber optic network offers end-to-end connectivity round the world, from California to Russia. Based on cutting-edge technology, it provides extremely high capacity for conventional telephony, Internet, data transmission and the latest Internet features and applications. Telia´s annual turnover in 1999, reached 52,121 MSEK with 30 600 employees. Visit Telia on the Web at
About Global Crossing
Global Crossing Ltd. (Nasdaq: GBLX) is building, and offering services over, the world's first global fiber optic network, which will have more than 101,000 route miles, serving five continents, 27 countries and more than 200 major cities. Global Crossing's operations are headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda, with principal offices in Los Angeles, California; London, England; Morristown, New Jersey; Rochester, New York; and Miami, Florida. Global Crossing's Nordic offices are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit Global Crossing at on the Web.
Mr Lars Rydin, President Telia International Carrier +46 8 605 45 50.
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