Telia personalizes shopping at e-commerce sites in just 15 minutes

Today, many surfers experience the worldwide web as "impersonal" and therefore choose to make their purchases the traditional way. But with Telia SiteCall and its associated Voice, Chat and Push applications, shopping at e-commerce sites becomes a more personal and rewarding experience in just 15 minutes. Companies with online shopping sites can communicate directly with customers right over the web.
Last year, surfers cancelled two out of every three shopping attempts at e-commerce sites in Sweden*. They felt that they did not receive answers to their questions, and they could not find the products they wanted. Many also felt that the sites were "impersonal". "People want a more 'human' and personal web shopping experience," says Ulrika Karlsson at Telia. "We've achieved this with Telia SiteCall, a service we developed to enable web shoppers to come into direct contact with company personnel at e-commerce sites. With Telia SiteCall, companies can achieve a higher completed transaction rate and provide better service to customers over the web." Telia SiteCall is a button or link that is installed on the web site. When a customer enters an e-commerce site and clicks on the button, a phone call is made to the company's customer service unit. The call is made directly with Telia's Voice function for sites. The shopper can ask questions or receive advice while surfing around the web site and browsing through the company's range of products or services. "We're now expanding Telia SiteCall with two applications we call Chat and Push," continues Ulrika Karlsson. "With Chat, customers can write a personal text message to the sales staff of the web site company. Using the Push function, the company can then transmit the web pages with the requested information directly to the shopper's web browser." An online e-commerce customer who clicks on the Telia SiteCall button can choose to communicate with the company by voice, text message or e-mail. "With Telia SiteCall, e-commerce companies become interactive in just 15 minutes. Their web communications will also be more meaningful and interactive," says Ulrika Karlsson. "Telia SiteCall is simple to test and easy to implement - all companies have to do is go to our web site and subscribe to the service directly. When online shoppers come into direct contact with sales personnel, they can also receive the support and assistance they need to increase customer satisfaction, which also makes it possible for companies to complete more online shopping transactions with customers over the net." ------ *According to an article titled Tva av tre backar ur kopet pa natet ("Two out of every three people cancel their purchases on the net"), published February 10, 2000 in the Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

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