Telia's employees in Sweden to get IP telephony via their e-mail addresses

At "Voice on the Net", the international conference for IP telephony held at the Stockholm International Fair in Sweden, Swedish telecomoperator Telia announced today that the company's 27,000 employees in Sweden could now be reached direct with IP telephony to their e-mail addresses. This is in line with Telia´s strategy in developing advance IP-services.
Each staff member will be given a SIP address (SPI=Session Initiation Protocol), which can be called-in the world of Internet and multimedia-the equivalent of a telephone number.
3Com will supply the SIP servers and IP telephones that will be used in the test.
Both Telia and 3Com expect that SIP will have as significant an effect on the Internet's continued development as the web has thus far had. The solution as such is rather simple. Calls to an SIP address are automatically sent on to the addressee's regular telephone via an SIP gateway. One person, for example, can move between different places and have his calls redirected to each place. This service can be used for permanent relocations, i.e., from one office to another, or when the employee is changing locations temporarily, say, from his/her own office to a conference room.
"In providing new services for the Internet, Telia is once more putting its best foot forward and taking the first step towards an Internet-based addressing scheme," says Mattias Lignell, Senior Advisor in Technology at the S-Lab at Telia Carrier & Networks. "The advantage of the SIP server from 3Com is that it has greater capacity and certain special functions that are important to Telia."
Anna -Carin Uddenberg, Press Manager, Telia Carrier & Networks
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