City of Stockholm signs SEK 370 million contract with Telia

As of January 1, 2001, Telia will assume full responsibility for providing fixed telephony services to the City of Stockholm (Stockholms Stad). Centrex, a telephony system in Telia's network, will replace all current switching solutions used by the City as of that date.
It will be the largest Centrex solution in Sweden with more than 17,000 connections, all with the latest Centrex features. The platform is access-independent and allows the future integration of IP-based telephony with mobile telephony services. The contract, valued at approximately SEK 370 million and covering a four-year period, provides all municipal administrative services and companies with favorable call rates. The scope of the agreement covers fixed telephony traffic in addition to the new Centrex solution. A number of users will also be able to make phone calls from their computers. The Centrex solution, installed in Telia's network, will give all users access to the same services, regardless of their geographic location in the City. Users will also share a common telephone operator function. All types of subscriptions and networks can be connected to the Centrex solution. All connections will function in the same manner, whether the lines are ordinary fixed line subscriptions, or if users want to choose ISDN connections or GSM later on, or future access services utilizing broadband connections. All lines are also served by the same operator service. "The new Centrex platform gives our customers complete freedom of choice when it comes to the type of connections they want today and tomorrow," says Rolf Jansson, Managing Director of Telia Publicom AB. "The solution we developed for the City of Stockholm is an open system that will allow the integration of alternative technologies and new services. We can easily extend the City's services for residents by setting up a Contact Center that can provide customer contact routes via the web and IP telephony, or by utilizing digital speech recognition technology." Owing to a partnership between Telia and Proffice AB municipal administrative services and companies will be able to order telephone operator services and keep up a very high level of service.

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