Migrating from fixed to mobile telephony: - ABB signs contract worth SEK 60 million with Telia

ABB has signed a contract with Telia covering the supply of mobile telephony services. The contract, running until June 30 next year, is worth approximately SEK 60 million.
The purpose of the agreement is to give ABB the possibility to migrate over the next few years from fixed telephony and wireless DECT telephony to mobile telephony. The contract is based on four cornerstones: pricing, services, coverage and cost control. Pricing covers rates for internal telephony, phone calls within Sweden and external international calls. ABB intends to test Telia's Mobile messaging service, in which ABB personnel will be able to use their mobile handset to record a temporary message that can be used in addition to their ordinary recorded voicemail message. The messages can be stored in the mobile telephone network or in the PBX system used by ABB companies. Statistics and documentation on ABB's telephone usage will also be provided, enabling ABB to follow up and have better control over its overall telephony costs. The contract, valued at approximately SEK 60 million, covers approximately 9,000 subscriptions, of which 500 are "Dirigent" subscriptions. Dirigent is a nationwide phone number plan for all of ABB's fixed line subscriptions and Dirigent users. The number plan will give ABB better control over costs for inter-company calls in Sweden. Discussions are also in progress with ABB IT Partner concerning the testing and evaluation of GSM wireless communications using the Internet Protocol (IP). In June, Telia became the first company in the world to offer GSM over IP to a selected number of pilot customers. SEB IT Service and Sigma Exallon Systems are two pilot customers that have signed agreements to test GSM over IP.

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