Telia fully qualifies for UMTS license

Due to an article published in Swedish on September 2 in the Swedish financial newspaper "Finanstidningen" headlined "Telia riskerar att bli utan 3G-licens" ("Telia runs risk of doing without 3G license"), Telia would like to clarify the following facts:
Telia's UMTS license application, based on the Swedish National Post and Telecommunications Agency's point system, in which licenses will be given to applicants with the best coverage quality, totals 3,977 points, corresponding to a coverage of 99.98 percent of Sweden's population. Telia therefore fully qualifies for a UMTS license. Telia's infrastructure covers all of Sweden. Since this infrastructure is being utilized in our proposal for a UMTS license, Telia's investment costs for 3G will be relatively low. Telia is the market leader in mobile communications in the Nordic region. We are the only operator capable of providing mobile services on a pan-Nordic basis in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

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