Telia and SAS to test in-flight wireless Internet

Telia has entered an agreement with Seattle-based Tenzing Communications Inc., about testing and implementing wireless Internet access on board aeroplanes. The traveller will be able to use his or her laptop to get wireless access to the Internet, and to receive and send e-mail during the flight.
SAS will be the first European airline to implement this wireless technology on board their planes. Telia already has an agreement with SAS about the installation of Telie HomeRun in all of SAS' international lounges.
The new service will enable the passengers to connect their personal laptop computers to an e-mail server and Internet server on board the aircraft, using wireless communication. When connected, the traveller will be able to send and receive e-mail, and access different Internet portals during the trip. The e-mail server on board has a radio connection with the ground when the plane is airborne. The content of the Internet server on board is transferred and updated when the plane is on the ground.
- Our cooperation with Tenzing allows us to meet our customers' demand for useful working resources during their travel, even when on board an aeroplane, says Peter Kjellin, Business Manager of Telia HomeRun. This is the first step towards offering broadband Internet access during flights.
Telia HomeRun is a wireless broadband access service, being installed at hotels, airports, railway stations and other places where people need to be connected. With a PC/Mac card from HomeRun in the computer, it is easy to connect to the Internet in any environment where HomeRun has been installed. Telia HomeRun can handle communication speeds of 11 Mbps and is based on the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN standard, which is the first standard developed for wireless networks.
Peter Kjellin, Business Manager HomeRun, Telia Mobile, +46-70-585 01 11
Håkan Ström, Public Relations Manager, Telia Mobile Sweden, +46-70-555 80 00
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