Telia is not implementing subscription rate increase

Telia announced earlier this autumn that it intended to raise its subscription rate for fixed telephony. This price increase will not be implemented. The reason for this decision is that the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has stated that it wants to consult with other telecom providers in the Swedish market regarding a switch to a new method for calculating subscription rates. Telia estimates that this consultation process will be completed by mid-2002.
Telia's calculations, which formed the basis for the previously announced rate increases, are based on a method that complies with recommendations issued by the European Commission. This method had not previously been applied by telecom operators in Sweden. Accordingly, PTS wants to discuss the switch to a new calculating model with operators active in the market, before any individual operator starts to apply the new method. Telia's need to increase rates for fixed telephony subscriptions remains unchanged. Such increases are a prerequisite for the investments and maintenance measures necessary in order to ensure the continued provision of superior quality to customers throughout Sweden.
"It is important that telecom operators in Sweden have simple, clear and predictable rules of play, to enable us to conduct our operations on a commercial basis. Telia will contribute actively to ensuring that the consultation process is conducted efficiently and expediently. The establishment of a method that facilitates future investments in measures to uphold our country's excellent telecommunications is of vital importance to the development of the telecom market," comments Marianne Nivert, Telia's CEO.
Those customers who have already received telephone bills based on the increased subscription rate will receive compensation when the next bill is sent.
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