Telia sells Telia Internet Incorporated

Telia today announced the sale of its US Internet Company, Telia Internet Incorporated (TII). The company offers a full portfolio of Internet related services to Businesses, Corporations and ISP's on the US market. The buyer is the global Internet service provider Aleron, Inc., headquartered in Virginia, USA.
The sale of TII will create a loss during third quarter well in line with the calculated provision of SEK 800 million announced previously to cover the cost of divesting TII and other businesses outside of Telia's core business focus.
In preparation for the sale, TII has been transferred from the business area of Telia International Carrier, to Telia Equity.
The sale does not change Telia International Carrier's strategy in the USA.
Håkan Jansson, CFO, Telia Equity, via Telia Press Office, phone +46 8 713 58 30
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