Telia presents Telephony of the Future

Telia is presenting the latest within IP telephony during the IP days being held on 20-21 November at Folkets Hus in Stockholm. Telia SmartCom is the name of the service that Telia hopes shall imply a breakthrough for IP telephony.
IP telephony is expected by many observers to become the telephony of the future, even if bad sound quality was previously seen as a deficiency in comparison with normal telephony. Telia is now testing a new solution for companies and broadband-connected households in order to provide sound quality that is at least as good as with normal telephony, as in a well-dimensioned network.
- IP telephony provides an added value for broadband users. Telephony and data communication will in the long-term become integrated, and Telia intends to hold a leading position in the process. Although Telia SmartCom is still being developed, we are convinced that IP telephony is an important element of communication of the future, says Christina Lundman Lagerstedt of Telia Communications.
Unlike other players, Telia has adopted an open method. Telia offers independent products and packaged total solutions, but does not oblige the customer to use Telia's network. A user may not always be able choose access network operator, but may always be able to use Telia's services and products.
The platform for this technology is the SIP protocol, which when compared with other protocols implies less supplier dependence as well as simpler applications development. Customers can themselves register as to how they would like to be contacted - by telephone, mobile, computer or IP-telephone. If a telephone number is not available, an email address can instead be used as the phone number.
- Through Telia SmartCom, we are taking an important step towards integrating the computer with the telephone. Via the Internet, users can manage a number of features such as voice mail and the filtering of calls, irrespective of where they may be located, says Christina Lundman Lagerstedt.
Christina Lundman Lagerstedt, Divisional Manager, Telia Communications AB.
Tel: +46 (0)70-557 46 01
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