Telia connects the Baltic States to research network GÉANT

Telia International Carrier provides capacity to connect the Baltic States to the pan-European research network GÉANT. Telia has a long-term agreement with the coordinating partner of the project, DANTE, and now the partnership develops. The GÉANT-network provides a powerful infrastructure with high speed IP-connection between universities throughout Europe.
GÉANT is the most advanced network of its kind. It reaches over 3,000 research- and education institutions in more than 30 countries. Through the new agreement with Telia International Carrier, universities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania get access to use the extensive network of GÉANT. The Baltic States have primarily not been connected to any research network of this size.
- We are very pleased to get the opportunity to supply the three Baltic States with capacity through one of the most sophisticated IP-backbones in Europe. The new deal is a significant step in order to expand the GÉANT network to include the Baltic States. Now students in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are catching up on the rest of Europe when it comes to Internet access, says Erik Heilborn, CEO of Telia International Carrier.
The deal is a unique and cooperative scheme of Telia International Carrier and the telecom companies in the Baltic States, Estonian Telephone Company in Estonia, Lattelekom in Latvia and Lietuvos Telekomas in Lithuania.
There are no limits to non-commercial purposes, which GÉANT can be used for. The network provides a platform that allows researchers of all disciplines to share information. It can also run high-capacity programmes across multiple sites which enables researchers that are geographically spread out across Europe to work together on research projects as if they were located in the same laboratory.
About Telia International Carrier
Telia's wholly owned subsidiary, Telia International Carrier, provides IP, Capacity, Voice, Infrastructure services and carrier neutral colocation solutions. Today, the company is the leading European carrier of transatlantic IP traffic to the USA. Its wholly owned multi-fibre optic network - the Viking Network - provides high capacity bandwidth and offers end-to-end connectivity round the world. The network is a giant investment-intensive venture designed to expand Telia International Carrier to cover Scandinavia, Europe and the USA by 2001. The infrastructure in Europe is designed as a multi-duct network connecting all significant cities with communication, supporting IP, Voice and Data. By the end of 2001, the network will cover 40,000 route kilometres throughout Europe and the USA, connecting 50 major cities.
Mark Vadasz, Public Relations Director
Telia International Carrier, phone: +46 8 713 58 30
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