New positioning services from Telia Mobile

During the GSM Mobile Congress in Cannes Telia Mobile today presents a number of new positioning services.
Närmaste Resurs (The Closest Resource) is a new, mobile positioning service from Telia Mobile. It's aimed at businesses that need to keep a close eye on immediate customer requirements, and where their own resources are located at any given time. For example security companies - which need to know where to send security staff should a problem occur.
Unlike many other mobile positioning services, which are built around SIM card identification, the Telia Mobile Närmaste Resurs solution is terminal independent. The service has been developed in cooperation with Team Positionering and SAAB Tech Systems, two of the leading suppliers of terminal applications within the transport, service and public sector/government authority field.
"The advantage of our solution is that customers won't need to invest in new systems or technology in order to use Närmaste Resurs," explains Jörgen Jonsson, who heads Telia Mobile Sweden's Mobile Positioning Services division. "That includes the telephone handsets and PC equipment at the company's office. All that's required is an Internet connection and a mobile subscription from Telia."
This is how Närmaste Resurs works
The subscriber is provided with a personal, password-protected account that can be accessed via the Internet. This account contains information about the company's various mobile subscriptions which is what the solution uses to search for resources that are located in the vicinity of a particular customer. In this way, resources can be dispatched for any given customer requirement by first locating the resource's position in relation to a district or individual street address. It takes just a moment for the solution to locate suitable resources. These are then displayed in list form on the operator's screen with the closest one to the search address displayed first.
The customer can then select the resource that best suits their requirements and even have this displayed as an icon on a map. Using SMS messaging, the resource can then be guided from its present location to the place where it is required. It is also possible to search for a particular resource geographically. This is useful, for example, when there is a likelihood that a service unit may be delayed when travelling between locations, and the operator needs to know exactly where it is.
Two more positioning services are presented today Hus nära dig, HusPriset nära dig and Rätt väg nära dig. Please visit for more facts about these two services.
Susanne Amlert, Director PR & Communications, Telia Mobile Sweden, +46 70 655 30 90
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