Telia expands its Viking Network

Telia International Carrier has signed an agreement with the pan European telecom company Nets. The swap agreement, worth over 13 million euro will lead to an expansion of Telia International Carrier's Viking Network in France, Germany and Italy.
In the deal, Telia International Carrier gets two wavelengths that will be used mostly for IP capacity. The route for the wavelengths is Paris-Lyon-Marseilles-Milan-Frankfurt. This network will supplement Telia International Carrier?s existing route between Frankfurt and Paris. The data communication capacity of the network ring is powerful, 2.5 gbp/s can be sent on each wavelength.
- The Viking Network expands continuously and with the Nets-deal we have taken an important step towards building up our fibre optic network. It is one of the largest single company networks in existence, covering some 40,000 route kilometres by the end of the year, says Lars Rydin, CEO Telia International Carrier.
The deal will give Nets access to a fibre pair between London and Paris, plus a wavelength between London and Amsterdam. Here too a ring will be created, as Nets already has its own capacity on the route between Paris and Amsterdam.
Nets is a carrier owned by the Italian Tiscali Group, which is the second-largest ISP in Europe.
Mark Vadasz
Public Relations Manager
Telia International Carrier
+46 8 713 58 30
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