Seat-Pagine Gialle S.p.A. makes an offer at Eniro AB

The Italian directories company Seat Pagine Gialle ("Seat") has agreed to make a tender offer for 100 percent of the shares of Eniro. Telia today owns 73,600,000 shares of Eniro, representing 47.3 percent of the total amount of Eniro shares in issue.
Under the offer Seat-Pagine Gialle has proposed to purchase each issued Eniro share for 12.25 shares in Seat-Pagine Gialles ordinary shares. All registrated shareholders of Eniro are offered the possibility to sell up to 1.000 Eniro-shares for SEK 165 per each Eniro-share in cash.
Telia will decide to the offer during the offering period. Ongoing discussion decides wether Telia accepts the offer, and if Telia then untertakes not to sell a part of the Seat-shares within nextcoming six months period.
Bo Jacobsson, Chief Financial Officer of Telia comments the proposal:
-The transaction is consistant with the European trend towards consolidation in the Directories Market. A combination between Seat and Eniro seems sound from an industrial point of wiew. Telia will decide how to do during the offering period. In the light of the conditions on the market this Friday, Telia is today positive to the offer, says Mr Bo Jacobsson, CFO at Telia Group.
Bo Jacobsson, CFO at Telia
via Telia's Pressoffice, phone number +46 8 713 58 30
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