Telia appeals PTS decision to reduce interconnection charge

Today, Telia was ordered by the Swedish National Post and Telecommunications Agency (PTS) to reduce its interconnection charge in the mobile network from SEK 1.18 kronor per minute to SEK 0.98 per minute. Telia will appeal the decision with the county administrative court.
"We can understand the principle that the interconnection charge must be based on the costs that the telecom operator has. Our calculations show that this is the case with the interconnection price we charge. Today, competing mobile operators have interconnection charges that are much higher than Telia's. This is why we will now review the interconnection agreements that we have with other mobile operators," commented Anders Bruse, head of Telia Mobile Sweden.
The method for calculating the interconnection charge was appealed with the administrative court of appeal earlier. The case has not been ruled on yet.
The interconnection charge is the price that telecom operators charge other operators when they use each other's mobile networks.
Susanne Amlert, Communications Manager, Telia Mobile Sweden, phone +46 8 713 58 30
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