Telia Internet rated number one ISP in the USA

Telia Internet Inc. has been rated as the best overall performer among the backbone providers for 2001 in the USA by Boardwatch Magazine Spring Edition and Keynote Systems.
The leading business magazine of the telecom marketplace, Boardwatch Magazine of Internet Service Providers, and Keynote Systems joined forces to compile data from testing agents all over the USA to rank the top backbone providers.
In this year's Backbone Web Hosting Measurement, Telia was rated number one overall, and also rated as number one in the category Geometric Mean. Telia consistently ranked in the top five in every category, including Average Monthly Bandwidth cost.
- Boardwatch and Keynote's recognition reinforces and confirms Telia Internet, Inc's. position in the USA, says Stephen D. Lee, President & CEO of Telia Internet Inc. Together with Telia International Carrier and Telia AB, we are committed to provide our customers highest quality, performance, service and value in the industry.
Boardwatch and Keynote rated over 30 backbone providers in three categories, Geometric Mean, Performance Under Stress and Average Monthly Bandwidthcost. The category Geometric Mean shows how fast, on average, a 10 kB file was downloaded from a Web site on the backbone's network. The lowest measured Geometric Mean belonged to Telia, at 0.25 seconds.
- These results are really pleasant news and a significant achievement, as we managed to outperform competitors such as AT&T, Vario, NetRail and also last years winner Cable & Wireless, says Stephen D. Lee.
In the category Performance Under Stress, Telia came in third with an average download time of 0.67 seconds. This shows how well the backbone network performs on average under heavy traffic. In May 2000, Telia Internet Inc. acquired certain assets from the bankrupt company AGIS, which ranked near the bottom in last years Boardwatch measurements.
- We are proud to been able to turn those assets around into becoming the number one company in only ten months time, says Stephen D. Lee. This status also will help Telia's positioning here in the USA as well as the realisation of our corporate vision, to become one of the top three Internet and IP providers in Europe, and place ourselves in the top five globally by 2003.
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