Telia's mobile customers get e-mail to their mobiles

Today, Telia's three million mobile customers are getting a new e-mail address linked to their mobile. With the Mobil Mejl (Mobile Mail) service it is now possible for all Telia's mobile customers to send and receive e-mail using their mobile phone.
Subscribing to the Mobile Mail service is of no charge and sending an e-mail message costs the same as sending an ordinary SMS text message.
" Up to now, only some of our customers, or those with WAP phones, have been able to send e-mail from their mobiles. But now all our three million customers will get their own e-mail address on their mobile, says Anders Bruse, head of Telia Mobile Sverige."
All Telia's mobile phone customers will get their own e-mail address including their mobile phone number, e.g. . Receiving e-mail on the mobile is of no charge and sending e-mail from it will cost the same as sending an SMS text message. The service works for all three million of Telia's mobile customers.
What to do to send e-mail from your mobile:
1. Write a text message starting with the recipient's e-mail address
2. Put in a space and then type the text of the message you want to send
3. Send the message to1515
For more information on Mobile Mail, see
Håkan Ström, PR & Communications, Telia Mobile Sverige, +46 8 713 5830
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