EU approves Speedy Tomato in Italy

Speedy Tomato's Italian company, jointly-owned with Olivetti Tecnost, has been approved by the EU Commission. The decision makes it possible for Speedy Tomato to continue its European expansion. Italy is Europe's largest mobile market, with more than 40 million mobile users.
"We are delighted with the decision. Italy is a key market, and we will, in partnership with Olivetti Tecnost, be highly competitive there, both with regard to potential customers and the service itself, which has recently been voted "Best Mobile Portal In the World," says Erik Hallberg, CEO of Speedy Tomato.
The EU Commission has investigated whether Olivetti and Telia should be allowed to from a joint company for competition reasons. Olivetti is market leader in Italy, and Telia in Sweden. The question has been under consideration since February, when Olivetti Tecnost and Speedy Tomato submitted a competition notification to the European Commission. The Commission's decision establishes that a joint venture between Olivetti Tecnost and Speedy Tomato AB does not threaten, create or strengthen a dominant position in the areas "Internet Advertising Space" or "The market for Internet portals".
Speedy Tomato is currently available in Great Britain, Denmark, Finland and soon in Italy. The approval of the Italian company is an important stepping stone in Speedy Tomato's European plans. Speedy Tomato's objective is to create customer relations in countries where Telia does not have its own mobile net. The goal is to be one of Europe's leading providers of mobile consumer services.
Erik Hallberg, CEO of Speedy Tomato AB, phone +46 70-658 16 16
Annika Larsson, Acting Head of PR Speedy Tomato AB, +46 70 658 88 95
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