Telia connects Dublin to the Viking Network

Telia International Carrier has signed an agreement with the global telecom group Cable & Wireless regarding capacity on the distance between Dublin and London.
The agreement means that Telia International Carier is buying capacity in the submarine cables "Solas" and "Lanis". The deal comprises a two way 2.5Gbps. wavelength diversely routed between London and Dublin. The cable deal is part of the strategy to connect Ireland with Telia's European net.
- The deal with Cable & Wireless is an important step towards Telia International Carrier´s goal regarding the Viking Network´s expansion in Europe. Through the deal we have increased the present network in England and Ireland, says Lars Rydin, CEO of Telia International Carrier.
The Viking Network is a wholly owned optical fiber network which supplies the customer with high capacity for IP- and telecommunication all over Europe as well across the Atlantic.
Cable & Wireless is already leasing infrastructure and bandwidth in Telia International Carrier´s Scandinavian high capacity network, the Scandinavian Ring.
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Mark Vadasz. PR Manager, Telia International Carrier, Phone: +46 8 713 58 30
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