Telia to host operation of EU´s CV database

Telia is responsible for the infrastructure and operation of the European CV database,, which opens on June 8, 2001. This web hosting service has been ordered by the central employment service authority in Sweden - AMS - which was assigned the task by the EU Commission to create the service. Job applicants and enterprises looking for potential employees in Europe will now have a common meeting place on the Internet that is open 24 hours a day.
According to the terms of the agreement, AMS is renting a dedicated web hosting system for the Internet site from Telia, which is responsible for the site's operation, supervision and communications services. With this service, AMS does not have to make its own investments in hardware, infrastructure and specialist competence.
The Internet site is open to job applicants and employers in 17 European countries. Depending on the number of visitors and the number of inquiries and applications entered on the site, broadband capacity, service capacity and hard-disk space can be increased or reduced over time. This flexibility will shorten search times regardless of whether the site has 200 or 200,000 visitors per month.
Security is guaranteed by using a firewall that is constantly supervised and by making daily backup copies of the site's content. Double Internet accesses, firewalls and servers are used to minimise the risk for operational disturbances.
The Telia Dedicated Webhosting service was launched in March and has direct access to Telia Net, Telia's global IP backbone.
More information about the service can be found at
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Maria Hillborg, Press Manager, Telia, phone +46 8 466 58 90.
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