Telia allows customers access to GPRS

As of today, Telia's Swedish GSM customers can sign up for the Telia GPRS offer, Telia Mobile OnLine*. GPRS is expected to provide the breakthrough for mobile Internet services, because it allows customers to stay connected to the Internet via their mobiles while paying only for the amount of data they send and receive.
During the spring, Telia has been testing Telia Mobile OnLine. These tests have led to the complete offer which is being launched today.
"The tests we have carried out over the year have been very successful. Above all, they have given us valuable information on what our customers want to do with GPRS and how they want to use the new technology," says Anders Bruse, Head of Telia Mobile Sweden.
Telia Mobile OnLine is not a new subscription, but a supplementary service which Telia's GSM customers can activate. Telia Mobile OnLine will allow customers to send and receive e-mail using their mobiles and to use a large number of Internet-based mobile services. GPRS will also make existing WAP services more user-friendly, because it will no longer be necessary for customers to wait a long time while their connections are established.
"Over the first six months of this year, SMS traffic increased by almost 200 per cent compared with the same period last year, and we can clearly see a new pattern of usage developing. Our customers want to use their mobiles for more than just talking," says Anders Bruse, Head of Telia Mobile Sweden.
Telia's first GPRS service is Telia Mobile InTouch, a mobile communication service similar to the current ICQ. Customers can enter their own contacts and then communicate with them easily via chat, SMS or e-mail.
For more information on Telia Mobile OnLine and a detailed price list:
* Refill customers will be unable to sign up for Telia Mobile OnLine initially
Håkan Ström, Press Officer, Telia Mobile Sweden, +46 8 713 58 30
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