Telia focuses on the Nordic mobile portal market

Telia focuses and streamlines the mobile portals on the Nordic market through a joint organisation and technical platform. In addition, Halebop, the mobile portal owned by Telia, is starting a new operator independent mobile subscription.
Telia Mobile is combining its expertise and technical solutions in a joint organisation and technical platform.
- Combining our mobile portals in the Nordic market organisationally and technically generates significant synergy effects, says Kenneth Karlberg, Senior Executive Vice President of Telia AB and head of Telia Mobile AB. Our operator dependant and operator independent portals comple-ment each other well and will create a strong Nordic customer base for Telia.
The strategy adopted for Telia's wholly-owned and operator-independent portal, Speedy Tomato, will continue, with the change that operations in Italy and the UK, with offices and around 20 staff, will be wound up. The Speedy Tomato portal will be developed further on the basis of Telia's new joint organisation for mobile portals. Speedy Tomato will continue to evaluate business opportu-nities in Europe with the emphasis on local partnerships, while taking account of developments in the market in general.
During the coming year, Halebop, an operator independent portal now wholly-owned by Telia, will also start testing a mobile subscription service linked to Halebop's mobile services in Sweden (please see separate press release from Halebop, September 17, 2001). Halebop is marketed as a stand-alone offer but the portal is included in Telia's joint organisation and technical platform and in that respect contributes to synergy effects for Telia.
Focusing mobile portals - the implications
The co-ordination affects Telia Mobile's Halebop, Speedy Tomato, MyDOF,, NetCom PlanIT, NetCom MotHer and Tell Me portals.
All portals complement each other, since they are aimed at different geographical markets and customer segments. The Halebop and Speedy Tomato portals are operator independent, with services open to all and, consequently, are aimed at everyone with a mobile phone. The MyDOF and portals are dedicated to Telia's mobile customers in Sweden. The NetCom PlanIT and MotHer portals are open to NetCom ASA's customers in Norway. Through Tell Me, Telia Mobile offers mobile services in Finland.
Erik Hallberg, President of Speedy Tomato, is in charge of the co-ordination for Telia's common portal organisations.
Carina Axelsson, Communications Director, Telia Mobile AB, + 46 8 713 58 30
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