Telia makes bid for UMTS-licence in Denmark

Telia will today hand in an application to the Danish National Telecom Agency with a closed bid for one of the four UMTS-licences in Denmark. The Danish UMTS-licences are to be auctioned to the four highest-bidding parties. Telia now looks forward to the continued application process in Denmark.
"It is in line with our Nordic strategy to offer our customers UMTS-based services in all Nordic countries", says Kenneth Karlberg, Senior Executive Vice President of Telia AB and Head of Business Area Telia Mobile AB. "We have now handed in a businesslike bid for a Danish licence".
The Danish National Telecom Agency, Telestyrelsen (TST), is expected to announce the licence awards in the beginning of October at the latest. According to TST's licence terms the four highest bids will be awarded licences. The lowest bid of these four will be the equivalent of the final licence fee to be paid by the licence holders.
Telia is the market leading mobile operator in the Nordic countries and is the only operator to offer mobile services in both Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. By the end of 2001 Telia will have UMTS-coverage in a number of places in Norway. Telia was also the first operator in the Nordic countries to make an UMTS-call, which took place in Norway this summer. By the beginning of 2002 Telia will also have UMTS-coverage in a number of places in Sweden. Telia has also been granted an UMTS-licence in Finland.
Charlotte Züger, Press Manager, Telia Mobile AB, phone +46 8 713 58 30
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