Teleconference and videoconference business continues to increase

Recent statistics indicate that Telia increased its teleconference sales 30 percent during September-November, compared with the corresponding period last year. Sales of videoconferencing equipment were also 50 percent higher during the same period.
"This is a clear trend," says Anna Dufberg of Telia Communications. "Due to the events of September 11 in the United States and the deepening global recession, companies are now reviewing their travel expenses. Mainly large corporations and organizations with many offices in Sweden and abroad are reviewing their business travel procedures and videoconferencing equipment. Many are replacing their old equipment and boosting capacity, although we are also getting a steady stream of new customers. Interest in teleconferencing and videoconferencing has never been so strong as it is today."
Telia has offered teleconferencing services since the early 1970s. Teleconferences cost SEK 3.10 per minute and participant. A one-hour meeting with five people costs less than SEK 1,000. This should be compared with the time that business trips require for gathering all meeting participants in the same location, as well as the expense of this travel, which can easily exceed tens of thousands of kronor.
Videoconferences cost more but offer the advantage of letting participants see each other and work on the same document during the meeting. Telia's price is SEK 150 to 250 per participant and meeting, depending on the transmission speed used to broadcast the video and audio. However, this cost should also be compared with the expense of gathering, for example, four to five employees who live in different parts of a country, or in different countries, as well as their travel expenses.
Anna Dufberg, Division Manager, Telia Communications
Phone +46 8 707 4653, e-mail
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