Telia invests in turnkey corporate networks

Telia will be launching a group of standardised corporate networks for small to medium-sized businesses at the Comdex trade fair taking place in Gothenburg on January 22nd through 24th January. PlaNet networks, as they are known, are based on the IP-protocol not on the public Internet. Instead, they are based on Telia's own secure broadband infrastructure.
Customers will not need a technical platform of their own. Telia will handle the running of the network, monitoring and service. This is the first time Telia will be selling as complex a product as a corporate network directly on the Web.
The launch of the PlaNet range means that even more customers can now benefit from complete networks offering high levels of security and quality, and at a considerably lower price than the old corporate networks, where each network was designed individually and included servers and routers.
"The demand for turnkey corporate networks has grown," says Gesa Helmfrid, Telia Communication. "We started off by selling one of members in the family, PlaNet 100, a year ago, and sales have gone very well. In the future, Telia will also be producing individually designed customer solutions, but a vast majority of companies are discovering that a standardised network is sufficient for their needs. Furthermore, it is still possible to carry out a number of modifications."
The PlaNet range is a complete broadband solution with a capacity of between 256 kbit/s and 1 Gbps. PlaNet 10 is a simple star network which can be purchased directly from the Telia website. PlaNet 100 is a star network with a number of options. PlaNet 1000 is built with any configuration, and customers have many options to choose from.
Options include: An access that gives you extra security - if one goes down, another takes over; connection of to workstations at home; option of going online wherever you are; gateway for connecting to other Telia networks. A firewall when you connect to the Internet; mobile connections; and the option of prioritize and controll the data traffic on your network.
Welcome to Telia
at Comdex in Gothenburg
January 22-24, 2002
Stand B05:02
Gesa Helmfrid, Telia Communication, +46 8 688 22 53, or
Peter Lagergren, Telia Communication, +46 8 688 29 08, or
Nils Forssberg, Telia Communication, +46 8 688 22 80
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