Opening up for new TV channels - com hem to send TV4 plus in the higher frequency band

com hem is opening up a high frequency band for new channels and services. The first new channel to use the slot will be TV4 plus, which will be available for com hem customers via their landlord or digital box.
The number of TV channels on offer is increasing all the time. To make space for new channels such as TV4 plus, com hem has reserved part of the higher frequency band. All households with an upgraded cable TV network have access to the higher frequency. Today around 500,000 of com hem's 1.4 million connected households have the upgrade.
"It's always fun for com hem to offer new channels and services to our customers. The rise in the number of Swedish TV channels is incredibly positive. We welcome more initiatives of this kind, because it enlarges our range and gives customers greater choice," says Per Nilsson, CEO of com hem.
com hem customers will be able to receive TV4 plus when it starts sending as planned during first quarter 2003, either via a digital box or via an upgraded cable TV network.
For further information, please contact:
Janna Olenius, information manager, tel: +46 8-553 633 31
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