Halebop offers advanced mobile gaming

Halebop, Sweden's largest mobile portal, recently launched a wide range of downloadable games specifically designed for mobile telephones. Many of the titles on offer are based upon classic arcade games and can be downloaded direct to players' telephones via a normal WAP connection. The range includes popular titles from playwear developer, Gameloft including Prince of Persia, Rayman Golf, Siberian Strike and Speed Devils.
The games, which can be accessed on www.halebop.se are designed to work with Nokia's 3410 telephone. They can also be played on the coming generation of java enabled mobile phones. Once a game has been downloaded to a mobile handset, it can be played indefinitely. Halebop offers 12 different games and multiple titles can be downloaded and stored on the same handset providing it has enough memory. "This means that our customers can choose the games they want and change them at will," explains Jens Moser at Halebop. "Our range of games is growing all the time, and modern mobile telephones offer a completely new gaming experience." The games are supplied by Gameloft which produces games for mobile telephones, PDAs and digital TV. - - - Halebop is Sweden's largest mobile portal. www.halebop.se offers more than 150 exciting services specifically designed for mobile use. The services are operator and hardware independent, and can be accessed via SMS, WAP or GPRS. Halebop also offers the cash card payment alternative, Halebop Mobil, which is competitively priced and offers a choice of connection alternatives. The Halebop Mobil card also creates its own menu in the user's mobile telephone which provides direct shortcuts to services that are available on the portal. In this way, it is possible to simply access the total service package offered by Halebop.

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