Telia campaign to promote corporate mobile e-mail

In co-operation with Microsoft and WM-data, Telia will lend free of charge Pocket PCs with integrated GSM/GPRS data phones to 1,000 company executives and other "ambassadors" at enterprises in different parts of Sweden. These ambassadors will be selected among Telia's customers and co-operation partners. The objective of lending the handheld device is to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile services.
"A Pocket PC that can be used to read and send e-mail just like at work, browse the Internet, access the corporate intranet, work in Word and Excel, and also make phone calls and send data, is a powerful tool for many companies. But it takes time to change the habits of users, and we want to them to quickly realise the potential and benefits of these mobile services," says, Kelly Odell, head of Telia Mobile Sweden.
The integrated Pocket PC/phone may be borrowed during a four-month period at the beginning of 2003. During the lending period, Telia will conduct a continuous dialogue with the users to survey their experiences with the device and document usage patterns. The Pocket PC and datacom traffic fees are free.
In this collaborative effort, Telia is providing the wireless device and the mobile phone subscription with GPRS data service. Microsoft is contributing the software and WM-data will operate the Telia Mobile Mail Access service and configure the Pocket PCs. The service has been a joint development effort by all three companies.
Telia will be lending Qtek terminals (also known as Joey) from Carrier Devices U.K. Since Qtek supports GPRS, users only pay for data that is sent and received. The terminal has a colour display, integrated mobile phone and uses Microsoft's operating system for handheld wireless devices, Pocket PC Phone Edition.
For further information journalists can contact:
Håkan Ström, Press Officer, Telia Mobile Sweden, +46 8 713 58 30
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