Changes to comparable financial information

In light of the transfer of operations, figures for 2000 and 2001 have been converted to facilitate comparisons when the first quarterly report for 2002 is published on May 6.
Business customers are demanding greater mobility in their communications solutions. Most of today's business systems are set up for fixed telephony. To accelerate the development of systems that integrate fixed and mobile voice communication and thereby strengthen Telia's competitiveness on the market, the Business Solutions telephony product area was moved from the business area Telia Networks to Telia Mobile.
The transferred operations include PBXs and network-based switchboard functions (Centrex). The business's external sales for 2001 totaled MSEK 1,450, most of which was from revenues from sales and leasing of systems and service. Underlying EBITDA totaled MSEK -107 and operating income totaled MSEK -117. The business had 761 employees at the end of 2001. The operation is only reported as a part of the total business area Telia Mobile and not as a part of mobile telephony, Sweden
As reported in the Year- End report 2001 Telia Equity is wound-up as a business area and as from 2002 the remaining operations are reported under Telia Holding as a part of Group-wide.
In addition, smaller scale operations (the submarine cable company NorSea Com AS) were moved from Telia International Carrier to Telia Holdings.
The figures for the full year 2000 and the four quarters of 2001 were adjusted with reference to these transfers.
The figures are available in Excel format and can be downloaded from Telia´s website in the Investor Relations section under Financial information.
Jan Johansson, Telia Investor Relations, phone: +46 8 713 60 66
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