com hem shows World Cup of soccer

com hem's digital TV customers will be able to see all 64 matches of the World Cup in Korea and Japan this summer via direct transmission. This means 1.2 million Swedish households, which are connected to com hem's cable TV network, can watch the soccer festival live on a special World Cup channel.
"com hem is pleased to be able to provide Swedish households with the broadest range of televised sports," says Per Nilsson, CEO for com hem. "The past season, we have been showing Swedish premier division hockey and soccer. The World Cup transmission complements our offering and provides a big number of Swedish households with the opportunity to follow this huge soccer festival."
Through an agreement with Telenor Plus, all com hem's digital TV customers can see all 64 matches live at the cost of SEK 499. The World Cup transmissions go on from the first kick off on the 31st of May until the last match on the 30th of June. Twenty-one of the 64 matches are shown exclusively live on the World Cup channel.
"We are very pleased with the deal we have made with com hem. We have Scandinavian ambitions with our investments in content, and our goal is to make the World Cup channel accessible to as many soccer fans as possible. Therefore it's very important to us to have Sweden's leading cable TV operator on our team," says Jon Nørstebøen, head of the Content & Interactive Division, Telenor Plus.
The World Cup channel consists of five different channels, with varying content and camera focus; the highlights channel shows the most exciting situations - nonstop - during the matches. The channels are listed in consecutive order on the channel list, so it's easy to surf between them. The matches are also shown as reruns.
World Cup tickets can be ordered by telephone no: 020-55 00 00.
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