Telia grows through Mockingbird Networks

Telia International Carrier and USA-based voice service infrastructure company Mockingbird Networks now further develop their co-operation since Telia´s VoIP Connect service has proven to be compatible with Mockingbird Networks equipment.
Mockingbird Networks has a global installed base of customers spanning five continents that can now originate and terminate IP-based voice and fax traffic at Telia VoIP Connect facilities.
Telia VoIP Connect services is Telia International Carrier´s equipment for international VoIP (Voice Over IP) termination. Interoperability tests have demonstrated Telia VoIP Connect facilities ability to integrate and interconnect with US-based Mockingbird Networks platforms.
- This means a significant expansion of our potential market share for IP telephony and an important new distribution channel for Mockingbird, says Erik Heilborn, President of Telia International Carrier.
The compatibility between the platforms significantly increases Telia International Carriers potential market share within IP telephony and enables customers with Mockingbirds equipment a VoIP solution over Telia´s wholly owned global Viking Network.
- Telia International Carrier represents a strong and stable global partner for Mockingbird Networks, says Mockingbird Networks President and CEO Ken Murray. This interoperability is the start of what we see as a long and mutually beneficial relationship between Telia International Carrier and Mockingbird Networks. It brings on board to Mockingbird Networks a significant new distribution channel.
Mark Vadasz, PR Manager, Telia International Carrier
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