Telia launches Caller Line Identification Services

Telia International Carrier now launches CLI (Caller Line Identification) services, an A-number transmission enabling mobile operators to offer their customers services like voice mail, caller ID and calling lists also when traveling out of the country.
With the CLI services mobile operators can offer customers to use all services they normally have access to through their home based net, also when traveling out of reach for their own provider´s network. The services will then be provided through Telia´s wholly owned global Viking Network.
- The increasing demand for mobile telephony applications makes the CLI service an important tool for us in the market competition, says Erik Heilborn, President of Telia International Carrier. It is also a step in the right direction according to our strategy to target the mobile segment. Today people are traveling more than ever and this is also reflected in the growing need for internationally mobile communication services.
Telia International Carrier offers guaranteed CLI to appointed destinations.
- In the first phase we will focus on our key markets, the booming Eastern and central European market, says Erik Heilborn.
Telia has built relations over many years with countries all around the world as part of their global expansion, and the goal is to offer CLI services in all 90 countries that Telia has bilateral agreements with, in the future.
- We already have agreements with providers in the countries where the service is launched and have also executed tests to ensure the highest quality of services in all markets, says Erik Heilborn.
About Telia International Carrier
Telia's wholly owned subsidiary, Telia International Carrier, provides IP, Capacity, Voice, Infrastructure services and carrier neutral colocation solutions. Today, the company is the leading European carrier of transatlantic IP traffic to the USA.
Its wholly owned multi-fibre optic network - the Viking Network - provides high capacity bandwidth and offers end-to-end connectivity round the world. The network is a giant investment-intensive venture designed to expand Telia International Carrier to cover Scandinavia, Europe and the USA by 2001. The infrastructure in Europe is designed as a multi-duct network connecting all significant cities with communication, supporting IP, Voice and Data. By the end of 2001, the network will cover 40,000 route kilometres throughout Europe and the USA, connecting 50 major cities.
Mark Vadasz, P R Director, Telia International Carrier, Phone: +46 8 713 58 30
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